For just ONE (Uno) (Ein) (Un) (Ichi) Monthly Fee of $63 
(including surcharge to cover credit card processing fee and set up on Autopay)

Participant can come to any or all of the current "CLUBS"
[Theatre Club, Dance Club, Improv Club, Voice (Singing) Club]
Plus any future "CLUBS" added to the schedule.

Each club meets at least once a week at regularly scheduled times.

Participant registers with one or more SELECT Clubs 
i.e., any club he/she intends to come to on a weekly basis

For any other sessions the participant would like to attend, 
a simple text message indicating the Club session to be attended
is requested so that the instructor may be prepared.

If your SELECT CLUBS are Theatre and Dance, you can just show up at the specified times - no need to text in advance (however, if you are not coming to a session, please text to let us know that in advance for instructor planning purposes).  If you decide one week to come to Improv Club (one of your non_SELECT Clubs), please text in advance (24 hours if possible) to let the instructor know (however, if you miss that time frame, you can still come to the class).

Why ID a SELECT CLUB(S).  Instructors will cast group projects from those who have ID'd their Club as a SELECT CLUB.  It is the only practical way to ensure that group projects can be properly rehearsed before presentation in showcases.

click here to set up Autopay
(don't forget to register for the SELECT CLUB(S) you desire from their separate page).
F.E.Q. Sheet (Frequenty Expected Questions) CLICK HERE!
(downloads a pdf to open)