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CPP is committed to developing and providing a wide range of other programs that are tailored to the needs of the communities, schools and children that we serve. 

Collectively termed our Partnership Programs, these other programs include CPP On-Campus programs (after-school and  in-school) and CPP Summer Camp programs.

Developed in partnership with schools and other organizations, these flexible programs provide participants with the opportunity to work with trained instructors and learn, first-hand and through workshops, the basic skills necessary to plan, produce and perform a live theatrical production at the partner's location. 

Customization is a key element of CPP's Partnership Programs.  CPP is aware that the best program structure is one that is jointly developed to meet the scheduling needs and instructional goals of the partner school or organization while best managing limited financial resources.  Overall program duration, frequency and content of sessions, co-involvement of teachers and other volunteers, and the nature and complexity of the final product are all parameters with many available options to allow CPP and its partners to create the optimal program for each situation.

By way of examples: program duration may be as short as 2-3 weeks with intensive daily sessions, or as long as 3-4 months with regular weekly sessions; available scripts may be utilized or CPP instructors can work with participants to create an original script or adaptation; focus may be limited to students acting in a production or expanded to students taking part in some or all technical aspects of the production (I.e., sets, props, costumes, lights, sound, etc.).

A typical partnership program for schools might look as follows: Using one of CPP's available scripts, instructors would come to the partner location for 1-2 hours each week over the course of an approximately 3 month period.  From 20-30 participants would be primarily involved as actors in the production with opportunities available for some to actively participate in technical areas.  In between sessions, teachers may facilitate related activities under guidance from CPP.  The final product would be shows that are staged for schoolmates, parents and others at the partner location.

As with our other programs, CPP endeavors to provide its Partnership Programs at the most cost effective pricing possible and will take an active role in helping to secure sponsors to offset or eliminate costs where possible.  As a guide, the cost of the typical program outlined above ranges from $2,100.00 to $2,800.00.

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Partnership Programs include any joint venture between CPP and another organization that is uniquely designed with the goal of providing performance opportunities to local youth.  They have included:

On-campus programs working at individual schools during the school day to prepare and perform a production. In some instances a single class of students are the participants, in others children from across grades have participated.

After-school programs where multiple schools partnered with CPP to provide an activity for their students to participate in and learn along the way.

Joint ventures with other non-profits (e.g., Martha's Village & Kitchen, Variety Childrens Charities of the Desert) to provide their members with the opportunity to learn and grow through theatre.

GATE Student summer drama program in conjunction with Coachella Valley School District schools.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Where CPP provides entertainment for an outside organization's events.  For example, CPP performed an Earth Day program in conjunction with SCRAPS gallery for local schools.