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CPPs A C T Program

AMBASSADOR: A member of an elite group of performers with a strong desire to entertain and who is both dedicated to expanding skills and to spreading CPP’s mission to provide quality theatrical and educational programs that enhance the development of the community and our youth.

COOPERATIVE: All members of the program work together to create a variety of polished performance pieces (musical numbers, scenes, monologues, vignettes, etc.). These performance pieces can be combined into a “variety show” suitable for any particular event’s requirements.

THEATRE: It’s all about performing wherever and whenever we can. Performance locations will be scheduled throughout the valley and beyond (e.g., at Clubs, Corporate Events, Fundraising Events, Luncheons, etc.). Ambassadors will perform based upon availability for any particular event – thus, the more flexible schedule for each Ambassador, the more performance opportunities they would have.

CPP's A C T Program will develop an elite group of performers that will travel to various venues and perform on behalf of CPP to hone their skills, entertain audiences and help raise funds.

1) From the participant's point of view, the Ambassador program will give them the opportunity to hone their skills by developing performance vignettes.  These vignettes, which may be solo or group acting scenes and/or musical theater pieces, will be developed in workshop sessions with CPP staff and guest instructors.  Once perfected, the vignettes can be combined into larger scale entertainment programs.  The participants will then travel to a variety of venues to perform.

2) From CPP's point of view, the Ambassador program will be used as a fundraising tool.  Many organizations, including charitable and corporate groups, often look for entertainment to have at social gatherings, meetings, seminars, etc.  Through the Ambassador Program CPP will be able to provide these groups with an entertainment option that benefits them and the community while helping to raise funds for CPP.



CPP STAFF INSTRUCTORS: Chuck Balgenorth and Richard De Haven

AGE RANGE: Open to all based upon an assessment of readiness by the instructors and acceptance through an application process under development. NOTE:This program will rely upon participants who are the Cream of the Crop so to speak and motivated to work on their performance pieces on their own time as well as within occasional workshop revue sessions.


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